Thursday, March 30, 2006


An old Soviet joke.

What does the Sputnik consist of?

German rocket.
Asian propellants.
Czech electronics
Russian dog.

Well, the joke's on them. My name's Laika the Space Dog. I'm back!

This is by far the best Laika tribute site on the web. I should know, I was there.

Let's be honest, Russian isn't the most beautiful language in the world though every tongue has it's good and bad points - as anyone who's ever heard French rap would agree. My name, Laika, which is pretty cute, means 'barker' in English so say what you like about the murdering commie horde, I got lucky there. I was a stray, did you know that? Rounded up from the backstreets of Moscow. OK, so I was blasted up into orbit to certain death but can you name anyone on the International Space Station right now? Hmm? Maybe some Brazillian guy? Exactly.

Read about me here

Of course, you and I know better, I didn't die at all. I'm immortal. Laika the Space Dog. I'm looking down on you now.

How do you like this early publicity shot by the way? It's caught my best side, kind of like my Natalie Wood 'Rebel without a Cause' early colour phase.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laika meabs barker in russian

9:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shut up people all lies you write

4:39 am  

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