Monday, April 10, 2006

100 lists of 100 things

Top 100 Saskatchewan news stories

100 best non-messier objects for amateur telescopes

100 best flickr photos

100 worst porn movie titles

100 most popular men's names in early medieval Ireland

100 best Chinese films

The 100 songs played most on the radio

100 most annoying people of 2005

100 most misspelled words

The 100 worst album covers

100 best scuba diving sites

Top 100 sci-fi 'thingies' of the 20th century

100 worst IMDB rated films

100 best female athletes

100 most invasive alien species

100 most useful words in Turkish

100 best novels - in 1899

New York's 100 most wanted criminals

100 best British TV ads

100 reasons to be a man

The top 100 plays of the 20th century

Worst 100 British no 1 singles

100 top celebrities

The most important 100 stories in US newsrooms in the 20th century

Uncyclopedia's worst 100 toys of all time

100 coolest monsters

100 top tourist destinations

100 best bass guitarists

100 best kids books - voted by kids

100 best kids books - voted by teachers

100 best conservative movies

100 best science fiction novels

100 worst films of the 20th century

100 top selling videos on Amazon

100 best cars

100 best first lines of novels

100 most important pictures of the 20th century

Top 100 google videos

Top 100 Chuck Norris facts

The 100 most endangered species

100 most expensive natural disasters of the 20th century

100 reasons to get fitter

Top 100 corporate criminals of the 1990s

100 best pop songs

100 best april fools hoaxes

100 worst ideas of the 20th century

100 best companies to work for

100 most under-rated films of the 1990s

100 best rock guitar solos

100 worst Milwaukee pick up lines

100 weirdest websites

100 worst plane accidents

top 100 jazz cds

100 best internet map sites

100 worst song lyrics

100 most popular names for babies in the USA

100 top fictional characters of the 20th century

100 lies from advertising

Worst 100 books of the 20th century

100 lies from the movies

100 untrustworthy facts

100 worst natural disasters of the 20th century

100 most important american musical works

100 most often mispronounced words and phrases

Freda Marshall's 100 favourite things

Worst 100 British singles chart hits

100 best horror novels

100 best war films

100 most influential Montanans of the 20th century

100 most essential words in Anime

100 highest first class batting performances

100 best non fiction titles

100 most daring movies ever made

The 100 most important aviatrix

100 worst things about music

The 100 least read books ever written

100 best tech products

100 best true life adventure books

100 worst pop stars

Colorado's 100 best mountains

100 top global brands

100 things the English learnt in 2005

100 best mystery books of the 20th century

100 best works by women

100 worst Florida sportsmen

100 best IFILM spoofts

100 best American TV episodes

100 greatest Jews of all time

100 hottest pictures of Angelina Jolie

100 most influential people in film

The 100 lies you tell most often

The top 100 E-learning sites

100 commonest surnames in Scotland

100 worst guitar solos

100 best gay books

100 worst 'Magic' cards of all time

Top 100 U.S. grossing movies

The world's 100 least attractive men

Top 100 occult websites

100 most frequently used words

and, as a special Laika the Space Dog bonus, 101 computer freebies


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