Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Quelle surprise !

The French surrender!

Labour reforms designed to cut France's 25% youth unemployment rate have been heroically scrapped by the French government after days of mass protests by students and trades unions. And in late news - water still wet.

I'm sure prospective employers, (je suis désolé - mal, bébé mangeant des capitalistes dans de grands chapeaux supérieurs), have enjoyed watching the merry antics of the car burning, police attacking, shop smashing protesters no end. Who could dream of sacking any of these fine young people for not being up to the job? How long before youth unemployment reaches 100%?

I'm sure they'll riot about that too. A riot against social change, a riot against dynamism, a riot for mediocrity

The future is bright for our cheese eating friends when radical French youth riot in pursuit of cushy civil service jobs with early retirement on a huge pension. If the rest of the world is laughing at them as they turn their back on growth and the free market then the rest of the world is wrong. It's all about 'gallic genius' apparently. What was that about American arrogance again?

With a 35 hour working week, huge numbers of disaffected, car burning, hostile young muslims ringing their major cities and a government crumbling like, well, the French Armed Forces, when faced with labour reforms the hated anglo saxons successfully implemented twenty years ago France is clearly a country going places - en bas de la toilette.

Enjoy your daily dose of France's decline into international irrelevence here

Soon French plumbers will be begging for work in Poland. Somehow I don't think the future will speak French.

The BBC applauds, of course.

So Jacques Chirac lacks the boules of Mrs Thatcher. I think this says it best. As Laika said, quelle surprise.


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