Sunday, April 02, 2006

Seeds of the Revolution

There weren't many ways to get out of the Soviet Union in 1959, and getting shot up into space wasn't the most dangerous of the options.

At least I had four hours of freedom, which is more than most people back then.

Of course some very clever people thought differently. H.G. Wells, Jean Paul Sartre, Eric Hobsbawm, so what do I know?

After all, I'm just a dog. It's not like I can read or anything.

Gorgeous George Galloway said the collapse of the Soviet Union was the worst day of his life. Mind you, probably not as bad as these happy communist campers just had.

Hey, let's make another film about McCarthyism!

Really, what's the worst that's going to happen in your life? Lose your IPod? Think of someone born in 1900 in Russia. Some guys have it even worse than me and frankly, where I came from, it was a dog's life.

The stories of those caught up in the turmoil of the Bolshevik coup, the Russian Civil war, Stalin's brutal Ukrainian famine, the purges, World War II, POW camps and the Gulag and finally escaped east only to find bloody Mao Tse Tung starting the madness all over again are a little known footnote of history. Endless documentaries about the Nazis but never anything about them.

Check out this documentary about emigres who lived through and survived all that. Three men who lived incredible lives before finding freedom 'down under'. Just three and a half percent of this Russian generation lived to the age of 50. Let them speak for the ninety six and a half percent who didn't make it.

Seeds of the Revolution

It's split into 4 parts, with an additional interview, for your aural pleasure.


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