Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tihs psot is a Dgos dnnier

Wlel, I konw tihs pekry llitte mmee has been bizznug auornd the irnnteet snice frveeor but I'm a mtut lsot in scape so sue me for miisnsg taht puiraactlr minteeg. It deosn't mttaer if the ogrniail stduy was an urabn mtyh, the penonmhea wkors and it ficsaetnas eevn dgos.

The lneogr and mroe uifanimalr the wrods the mroe dcfuiflit tehy bcemoe to flutlney usbalnmrce, aeibssintriasatslinmnhiteadm for epamxle, but so mnay wdors in Eglinsh are trhee lrteets or lses and aollw the scneente to folw. I gsues the cxneott aowlls the biran to culcaatle if a pcuarilatr wrod is, for epmalxe, slat or salt.

Lggaanue is an aizmang thnig, aobut the one tnhig me and uberwanker fuckwit Naom Choskmy aegre on. Smoe tuogens, lkie Herbew and Airabc, don't acllatuy wirte the vweols and waht's gnoig on wtih Manirdan Csinhee? We msut be hrawrdeid for lunaagge, eevry ntiaon and tibre, and tehy can be petrty mcuh ainthyng. I siltl tinhk pnhicos, sllpeing out a wrod by its sundos, is the bset way to tceah a cilhd but obouslivy we sikm wolhe wdors ocne sillked. I've neevr plalirutacry bevelied in dxseyila - flmrroey kwonn as spuitd mlddie cslas cdlehrin wtih phsuy pnearts - but if we can raed wdros cptmeolely seabrcmld whree deos taht laeve wrod bdinsenls?

As was netod on the Riusasn 'Avva' stie, it dosen't qitue wrok Riuassn bausece the lsat leettr is ualsuly prat of an inoftilcen, olny the fsirt has a fxeid meninag form the root. It is slitl qtuie psbsoile tguohh.

Aawnyy, Dog laugnage funod the sooltuin mnay mnoos ago. Woof!


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