Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We'll keep the white flag flying here.

"Can't you show me nothing but surrender?" Patti Smith - Horses.

"After the war the conventional wisdom that dominated the Cold War period was that communism was a military threat, which was thought more likely to influence the public mind than an ideological threat to capitalism, which
was what governments really feared. I came to realise that the USSR never planned to overrun Western Europe."

- Tony Benn in his book 'Dare to be a Daniel' Published in Paperback 2005

"In the first massive nuclear strike by the troops of the Missile Forces of the Czechoslovak Front, the front aviation and long-range aviation added to the front must destroy the main group of troops of the first operations echelon of the 7th US Army, its means of nuclear attack, and the centers of command and control of the aviation.

Plan of Actions of the Czechoslovak People’s Army for War Period 1963

"Labour's commitment is to establish a non-nuclear defence policy for this country. This means the rejection of any fresh nuclear bases or weapons on British soil or in British waters, and the removal of all existing nuclear bases and weapons, thus enabling us to make a direct contribution to an eventually much wider nuclear-free zone in Europe."

- Labour Party Manifesto 1983

"During the development of the operation, the troops of the Missile Forces and aviation must destroy the approaching deep operative reserves, the newly discovered means of nuclear attack, and the enemy aviation.

Altogether the operation will require the use of 131 nuclear missiles and nuclear bombs; specifically 96 missiles and 35 nuclear bombs. The first nuclear strike will use 41 missiles and nuclear bombs. The immediate task will require using 29 missiles and nuclear bombs. The subsequent task could use 49 missiles and nuclear bombs. 12 missiles and nuclear bombs should remain in the reserve of the Front."

Plan of Actions of the Czechoslovak People’s Army for War Period 1963

"If you are asking did I support the Soviet Union, yes I did. Yes, I did support the Soviet Union, and I think the disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life""

- George Galloway in a 2002 Guardian interview.

"Building on the results of the first nuclear strike, the troops of the Front, in coordination with units of the 1st Western Front must destroy the main group of troops of the 7th US Army and the 1st French Army in cooperation with airborne assault troops, force the rivers Neckar and Rhine in crossing, and defeat the advancing deep strategic reserves of the enemy in advancing battle, and by D7-8 take control of the areas of Langres, Besançon, and Epinal."

"Upon completion of the tasks of the operation the troops must be ready to develop further advances in the direction of Lyon.

The main strike should be concentrated in the direction of Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Epinal, Dijon; part of the forces should be used on the direction of Straubing and Munich."

Plan of Actions of the Czechoslovak People’s Army for War Period 1963

"On a long and reluctant journey to Damascus, as I researched the diaries and memoirs of the key figures involved, it dawned on me that my orthodox view of the cold war as a struggle to the death between Good (Britain and America) and Evil (the Soviet Union) was seriously mistaken. In fact, as history will almost certainly judge, it was one of the most unnecessary conflicts of all time, and certainly the most perilous."

- Andrew Alexander, The Guardian. Friday April 19, 2002.

So a few clapped out old lefty politicians couldn't have been more wrong about the intentions and millitary threat posed by the Warsaw Pact. A self caricature of a newspaper wants to surrender eleven years after the enemy collapsed. So what? That's old news. Today the challengers are different, and so are the brave dissenting voices who'll save us from ourselves!

Though maybe all the stars don't shine so bright.

What do you get if you put Barbara Streisand, Cher, Martin Sheen, Jessica Lange, Alec Baldwin, Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, George Clooney, Michael Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Mike Farrell and my former heart throb (really) Janeane Garofalo together?

Instant peace in the middle east? A bright and shining happy future for all? As noted intellectual trail blazer Sheryl Crow said "The best way to solve problems is to not have enemies."

The combined higher educational attainment of Hollywood's best and brightest is one college degree less than President McChimpyHitlerburton himself - who has a bachelor’s degree in history from Yale (and an MBA from Harvard).

Not one of these Hollywood illuminati has a college degree. Doesn't mean they're stupid of course. It's intellectually demanding work mouthing other people's words for millions and slagging off the dumbass, unelected, warmongering President on talk show TV.

To be fair Susan Sarandon, does have a genuine degree. She seems to know everything that's wrong with the world (America) and how to put it right (surrender). So what did she study? Economics? History? Political theory? No. She's an actess. Her degree is in drama.


Mind you, I might be half Beagle, so what do I know?

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